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Digital Innovation Hubs for Cyber-Physical Systems
with our network of European partners

The initiative for Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs (DIH4CPS) is helping European enterprises overcome the innovation hurdles and establish Europe as a world leading innovator of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. DIH4CPS has created an embracing, interdisciplinary network of DIHs and solution providers, focussed on cyber-physical and embedded systems, interweaving knowledge and technologies from different domains, and connecting regional clusters with the pan-European expert pool of DIHs.

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Ei2Network is a vibrant one-stop-shop for cross sector collaboration between SMEs, DIHs and Tech providers to create innovative products with advanced digital technologies. Ei2Network is backed by the European Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (I-VLab), an experienced and well-established network organisation specialised on Interoperability.
The Ei2Network is the continuation of the DIH4CPS project and Services as part of I-VLabs Thematic Group 12 it is a new offer to the existing I-VLab members and the whole European Industry.

The DIH4CPS Ontology

The extendable DIH4CPS ontology is a sophisticated tool that models the relationships between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and technology providers, as well as their respective competencies and services. This ontology provides a comprehensive view of the network of DIHs and technology providers, and helps to better understand the various competencies and services that each entity has to offer. The ontology is designed to be highly flexible and extendable, which allows it to be adapted to changing circumstances and new developments in the field of Cyber Physical Systems. By providing a structured framework for organizing information about DIHs and technology providers, the extendable DIH4CPS ontology enables more effective decision-making and more efficient use of resources.

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The EI2Network Portal

The EI2Network portal is a web-based platform that provides a comprehensive overview of the network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and technology providers, along with their capabilities and offerings. It helps to navigate the ontology of the network by allowing users to easily search and filter the information about the DIHs and technology providers, based on various criteria such as location, area of expertise, and technologies offered. The portal provides a clear and intuitive interface that helps users to quickly understand the capabilities of each DIH and technology provider, and how they can help to support their specific needs. By leveraging the power of the EI2Network portal, businesses and organizations can effectively connect with the right DIHs and technology providers, and gain access to the latest technologies and innovation capabilities, helping them to stay ahead in the competitive market.